5L Mini Kegs

Choose a 5 litre mini keg to get that proper pint feeling!

Our mini kegs are filled straight from the fermenter like our kegs and casks. They stay in great condition from the first pint to the last and are as close to real ale as you can get at home.

How to Open:

  1. Store cold for at least 24 hours to settle the beer and reduce the pressure.
  2. Pull out the tap but do not turn.
  3. Open the top valve.
  4. If beer starts to foam over, close the top valve and decant some beer into a glass using the tap (this will reduce some pressure).
  5. Re-open the top valve and serve as required.
  6. When all drinks have been served, close the top valve to keep the beer fresh.

Mini kegs are available for collection or delivery.